If you’re going to Singapore, Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin Chips are definitely one of my favorite Singapore snack lists you must try! Freshly produced, packed in a convenient resealable pouch, and dangerously addictive.When people crazy with everything associated with salted egg, these chips have gained much attention and popularity, but they still popular even after the trend dies down. And now they also open stores outside Singapore :  Philippines and Hongkong.

They have three kind of chips : Potato Chips, Fish Skin and Cassava Chips and they launched now flavor still related to salted egg which is HOT BOMB. Salted egg combined with chili powder ( i think ) 

Source : Instagram irvinsaltedegg

My favorite one is Fish Skin Salted Egg, the crisp fish skin covered with a generous amount of salted egg yolk seasoning and curry leaves. The fish skins were  never ever smells fishy and very crispy, neither too oily nor too salty. And as promised by Irvins, they were dangerously addictive – you can not stop eating until finish 1 bag for yourself.

Irvins launched its new flavor this April 2018, Salted egg HOT BOMB. This is the spicy version from previous flavor but i think the spicy still eatable ( not too spicy ).   

I think the HOT BOMB snack’s appearance is not too different from the regular one.

Even my dog love the smell 😉

Due to limited quantities available and its high demand, be sure to come early to the store or order online

If you want to go abroad, Changi Airport has two Irvin’s stores! You can skip the long queues at the regular Irvin’s outlets and grab your snacks at Changi Airport’s T2 or T3 departure hall the next time you take off for your trip. While the regular ones cost $16, buying at duty-free saves you a good dollar at $15. Maximum buying 7 bags perperson.

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