Instagramable Restaurant in Tangerang : Kayu Kayu Restaurant

Instagramable Restaurant in Tangerang : Kayu Kayu Restaurant. Looking for Instagramable Restaurant in Tangerang then you should go to Kayu Kayu Restaurant in Alam Sutera. Firstly when cross by, I thought it’s a furniture store named Ethnicraft, but then open also a restaurant called KayuKayu. It is managed by Kosenda Hotel.

Place and Decoration

KayuKayu Restaurant has two-story building with a grand stairs in the middle of the room which is so instagrammable. The second floor can be used as a functional rooms for events or office meeting. The dining area is spacious and well-designed and I think they use “back to nature” theme for the decoration because it is decorated by many trees, orchids and also some using wood for furniture.

This is the entrance

Outdoor Space

The decoration inside restaurant

High ceiling and nice decoration

The stair to go to second floor. Many people take pictures here


KayuKayu Restaurant serve some range of Indonesian dishes and we tried several menus.

1. Nasi Goreng K2 / Fried Rice ( IDR 68.000 )

This is a standard Indonesian fried rice with fried chicken, fried egg, pickles and shrimp crackers. They use scramble egg and many vegetables also in the rice.

2. Nasi Ayam Hainam / Hainam Chicken Rice ( IDR 78.000)

This menu consists of boiled chicken, hainam rice, vegetables and chicken soup as well. I found the chicken quite small or the plate too big for this dish. They served this dish with chili and soy sauce too.

3. Gulai Kambing ( IDR 148.000)

4. Sate Maranggi 6 pcs( IDR 90.000 )

5. Oreo Milkshake ( IDR 52.000 )

Besides this Oreo Milkshake, we also ordered Hot Lemon Tea ( IDR 25.000 ), Classic Hot Tea ( IDR 23.000) and Ice Lychee Lemongrass Tea ( IDR 35.000)


Service: The waitress gives us a nice and warmth welcome and recommend us some good seats. They have many waitress so it didn’t take long time to call them if you needed.

Ambience: Instagramable place, comfortable atmosphere and spacious place, great lighting and sofas available too. You can make reservation first if you want to come with big family or many friends.

Food: Took quite a long time for our dishes to arrive especially for fried rice and lychee drink. The dishes tasted just OK for me, nothing special and the price is quite expensive for me especially for Indonesian food. I expected for enjoying a really delicious food for this range of price.

Although I like the design of the place, I will give it some time before even thinking of returning.

KayuKayu Restaurant
Jalan Jalur Sutera kav 28a
Alam Sutera, Tangerang 15325 ( next to Ethnicraft )
Instagam : kayukayurestaurant


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