Many awesome things you can do in this island of Nusa Penida and will share to you some of my experiences. This island  is the biggest of the three Nusa Islands, another islands just next to Bali. Second big island is Nusa Lembongan and the smallest one is Nusa Ceningan. Each island has a unique heart breath-taking landscapes and definitely worth to explore when you are travelling to Bali .

How to Go There

  • From Bali : use Fast Boat from Sanur Beach, Bali or Padang Bai. I crossed from Sanur Beach using Rocky Boat.
  • From Nusa Lembongan : use local boat next to Yellow Bridge. Easy to find the boat, just follow Yellow Bridge direction in Nusa Lembongan.

Share you the details about this transportations in other articles –> Amazing Things You Must Do and See in Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan (Other Islands next to Bali)

Nusa Penida Transport

The island is quite big and driving will be quite challenging. A motorbike costs for for me 95,000 rupiah per day with a full tank of gas. They also rent a car with driver if you need.

Must Know If You Travelling Here

  • Use your swimsuit inside and also sport shoes because many natural pool or hidden beach that need tough tracking to go there. So better prepare your sport shoes to go down or climb somewhere.
  • Definitely you need to spend at least more than a day ( maybe 2-3 days ) !! Then you can fully explore all of the spots here rather than just getting a glimpse at each location. You can also enjoy the sunset or sunrise here.
  • Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!!

Awesome Things to do in Nusa Penida

1. Karang Dawa and Kelingking Beach

First place I visit when arrived at Nusa Penida. The view from Karang Dawa is totally magnificent. Going here from the port will take around 45 minutes port.  From here, there is a path leading down to kelingking beach. Go down and climb back is very steep. It isn’t easy and if you don’t think you can do it, just enjoy the view from the top like I did. If you want to go down, prepare your sport shoes, don’t use your sandals.


2. Angel’s Billabong

A stunning natural infinity pool in Nusa Penida with its emerald and crystalline waters. Very fresh and clear water. The place is believed to be a nymph bathing place by local residents, maybe the swimming pool for the angels ;).  It’s a long and wide pool guarded by cliffs on each side. Be careful when you go down here, because small path with the sharp reef and don’t forget to use you sandals or shoes because it was hurt stepping the reef.


3. Broken Beach

Broken Beach or also called Pasih Uug Beach. From the name itself ” Pasih Uug Beach” in Balinese language means as a damaged beach. It is look like a bridge which has a huge hole in the middle of the cliff. It is a little bit quite compare to other beaches in Bali because of the remoteness area and it has a perfect combination of two nature attractions from the green hills to blue sea attractions.

Other Pictures Around The Area

4. Manta Point

Want to dive with Manta? Definitely you must dive in Manta Point Nusa Penida. The currents are relatively strong, so be careful and also the water is cold compare to the weather there which extremely really hot.

5. Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is one of amazing beaches in Nusa Penida. Here you can find shimmering turquoise waters surrounded by cliff and mountain peaks, and perfectly white sands to laid out in the beach. Lay back and take a moment to enjoy this beautiful scenery. And don’t forget to take the prettiest pictures while you are at it.

6. The Treehouse – Rumah Pohon

This is actually one of the places you can rent if you want to stay in Nusa Penida. This location is located near from Atuh Beach. Because this place become one of favorite photo spots, many tourist will asking permission to take pictures in the stairs. Some people say this is the best spot to see sunrise in Nusa Penida.

Source : Instagram wayfarer.freud

Definitely will come back and spend more days to explore and enjoy this island. Share some other adventure in Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. You can read them by clicking on the post below.

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