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Hello, Welcome to The Other Lullaby!

We are a Lifestyle Blogger that created to give an inspiration, connection and empower people around the world. This blog will share you many ideas from travel, food, makeup and others like health issues,. Hope when you visit you will feel inspired and motivated to explore this beautiful world we live in.

A Little About Us :

Few people will contribute in this blog based on their background. Some highlights from our writers below and for your information we are come from and stay in Indonesia.




Pricillia Djakaria

Founder www.theotherlullaby.com

Pricil grew up in Tangerang, Indonesia. Spent her lovely childhood with big family ( 2 sisters and 1 brother and dogs ) until she went to Germany for internship in collage, then falling in love with travelling, intercultural exchanges and eating many local foods as she can. She is now working as a Product Manager for Distribution Company as well as a founder for Hi|Story Design and Photography Studio. Her dream is to travel and visit many cities and countries and also working outside office, in a café while she can enjoying the scenery and ice cafe latte.



Ivanna Djakaria

Beauty Advisor www.theotherlullaby.com

A make up lovers and beauty addict that still try to find the better version of herself. She loves makeup so much that she like to try and experience new skin care and make up. Through this blog, she hope can share her passion and knowledge in that area. If you love about makeup and skincare you will definitely love her reviews and recommendations.



Friza Reihan

Photographer, IT Guy, www.theotherlullaby.com

Ordinary guys just at the wrong place and the wrong time, he’s the one behind this crazy madness Idea From these sister, must and have to do anything, and there’s such word as “NO”, he instead say “YES” for anything, love to taking photography, start working in advertising agency, not really going outside so much, but always love to taking travelling, you maybe gonna find his so many article on entertainment, because he’s really love watching movie and listen so many song. Even sometimes people around doesn’t understand whats in his mind…

Really enjoy it anything about technology…