[REVIEW] Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch and 16Brand; Eye Magazine.

Recently, styleKorean held a give away to review products and I was very happy to be one of the chosen ones. They sent 2 items, which is, Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch and 16Brand; Eye Magazine.

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch is a product that filled with Bulgarian rose-water. It claims that its good for hydrating, improves whitening and wrinkle. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, it’s eco-friendly and can be used anywhere on your face, even your neck.

The packaging felt pretty sturdy with a screw lid and a pretty pink color. It also has an extra lid inside, where they put a spatula. With this kind of packaging, I think they want to make sure there won’t be a leaky serum. I also like the fact they considering put a spatula in here to keep it hygienic when taking the patch.

The first thing I like from this product was its smell. The smell of the rose is very soft, subtle and doesn’t disturbing. I hate it if the product smells too artificially. The patch also really pretty. It has a pinkish glittery jelly consistency that soaked in a lot of serum. It’s really easy to attach and doesn’t slip from under my eyes even though I moved around a lot.

I tried this for almost 2 weeks. I used it every day at night as a substitute for my eye serum. As it claimed, it hydrates my under eye area really well. It doesn’t cause any irritation or milia. As for the wrinkle and whitening benefit, I don’t see many changes. I think I have to use it longer. I find my self really like to put this in the refrigerator before using it. It gives you a nice feeling and de-puffing your under eye area really well.

16Brand; Eye Magazine

16Brand; Eye Magazine is an eyeshadow that consists of 2 colors in a pan. I like the idea of this palette. This palette is designed to be a quick everyday makeup, therefore, it’s easy to use. You can get eyeshadow gradation with just one swipe. This palette also comes with a brush that specifically designed to achieve that.

At first, I thought that this eyeshadow would be too powdery with no good color payoff. I was wrong! This eyeshadow feels very buttery. It doesn’t crease or settle into fine lines on my eyelid. Even though color payoff is not as strong as American’s eyeshadow, it is perfect for everyday makeup. If you like more color payoff, you can simply put an eyeshadow primer before using it.

For the application, I prefer to use my own brush. The brush that comes with this eyeshadow, is actually quite good. It’s just that it takes more practice to get used to it because of its shape. If you already familiar with the brush, the application can be faster if you used it.

Have a good day… ^^

* Disclaimer: This is just my personal experience and opinion. Eventhough stylekorean sent this product, what I wrote was 100% my opinion. Also, English is my second language, please bear with me if I made a spelling error or grammar mistake.


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